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10MHz: $150.00


 10MHz Mini Analog Oscilloscope
20 MHZ, 40Mhz, 2-Channel Analog Oscilloscopes


Spectrum Analyzer Field Test Probes

10Mhz bandwidth. One measurement input channel, one external trig channel.
20Mhz, 40Mhz oscilloscopes have two measurement input channels, one external trig channel, X-Y mode, more.


Magnetic, high impedance and E-field test probes, used with spectrum analyzers.


Transistor Curve Tracer


List Price: $425.00
Starting from: $260.00

20MHz Function Generator/Frequency Counter CA1640-20/ CA1641-20/CA1641P-20

Current: 0-10A, 4 steps.

Voltage: 0-500V, 5KV with optional high voltage fixture.

Step voltage: 2V/step.

Coupling: Coupling transistor matching, field transistor matching.

Frequency range: 0.2Hz-20MHz.Output signals: symmetrical or non-symmetrical sine, square and triangle waveforms. Outputs: 50 ohm, TTL and power level.

Price: $757.00


RF and Microwave Signal Generators


More Function Generators

150Mhz to 20GHz RF signal generators.

  • Digital Function Generators
  • Function/Arbitrary waveform generators
  • Audio Function generators

Clearance Sale:

Frequency Counters

Sale Price: $46.00 /pair

Two 100MHz, 150 MHz Oscilloscope Probes (CA8100, CA8150)

1.0GHz, 2.7GHz frequency counters. Gate:  0.01S, 0.1S, 1S, 10S.Precision: 1Hz .Sensitivity:  0-10 MHz 10mV, 10Hz-100Mhz 25mV, 100MHz-2700Mhz 25mV.

The probes sell by pair.

We can sell one if no accessory is needed.